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Suspect List

  • Alice Cartwright
  • Arthur Glendon
  • Janice Starling
  • Sandra Buckingham


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2009/10/12 Date Published

The Straw Hat Theater Mysteries - Casting Call

Written by William Shepard

Each woman knew that playing opposite Hollywood’s most bankable leading man could launch a career, or jump-start a stalled one. Janice Starling, Sandra Buckingham and Alice Cartwright each swore that she would get that part - nothing would stand in the way of that happening. They took their scripts and melted away to the lodge.

The actresses came to the realization at just about the same time. The play’s story was about an actress who got her big break by making sure that the competition for the part was unable to try out. It all seemed rather amateurish, a laxative substituted for a chocolate bar, a misleading phone message that the tryout was rescheduled, that sort of thing. It was an updated, “All About Eve” with an edge. But it was also a broad comedy, played strictly for laughs, and the part absolutely sparkled. Played opposite Rex Lansford, who knew where it might lead? And just what did Arthur Glendon have in mind, anyway? Didn’t he know how nervous he was making them? Was life supposed to imitate art, or the other way around?