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Suspect List

  • Coach Joe Morgan
  • Mary Thornton
  • Randy Newsom
  • Shorty Gilstrap


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2008/12/11 Date Published

Stealing Second Base

Written by William Shepard

That spring, the Westbrook Black Sox – out of nowhere – had a winning season. Correct that – they had a spectacular season! They led the A League for the very first time. Coach Morgan claimed it wasn’t any of his doing. The Derek Jeter magic must have rubbed off on the team.

And now, at tonight’s banquet, the high school sports commissioner would visit Westbrook for the first time. Students made jokes about it, “… Bet he needs a map to find us!” There were even rumors that Derek Jeter himself, who we all believed had kept tabs on our baseball team throughout the season, might come.

But all of the excitement would end when Principal Carol Jackson came to me in distress. “Sam,” she said, “there’s been a robbery. I just can’t believe it. The display case! Mary Thornton just told me that our prize base is missing!”