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  • Barry
  • Ricky Churrelo
  • Simon Knowles
  • Xavier Ericksen


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2009/07/20 Date Published

Who Stole Super Tuesday

Written by Moe Zilla

It was a chilly Tuesday in February, and Amy felt like everyone in America was watching her.

She was voting proudly for a candidate to run for President. That election was nine months away, but the Democrats and Republicans both wanted to ensure they'd selected the best possible candidate for the race. Amy was one of millions of voters who'd vote today in a primary election indicating which candidate she'd prefer. The blue California sky seemed to be smiling on her.

Amy knew she wasn't alone: twenty-two states were holding their primary today, and the newscasts were calling it "Super Tuesday." But out of them all, the most votes would be cast in California. Amy walked across the college campus, still proud of the role she was playing.

But someone was trying to cheat.