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Suspect List

  • Dexter
  • Mr. Ferguson
  • Mrs. Yee
  • Skyler


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2009/08/21 Date Published


Written by Moe Zilla

"I'm 75 years old," shouted Mr. Ferguson, "and I like Curious George!"

Everyone in the library stared at Mr. Ferguson, and Mrs. Yee, the librarian, glared, like she was trying to will him to talk more quietly. Even Mr. Ferguson's white hair seemed, like it was puffing away from his head in little tufts. But he was arguing with a seven-year-old!

Mr. Ferguson had a round face and round eyes, and he looked like an angry pancake as he leaned down to make his point. "The pictures are still funny!" Mr. Ferguson insisted. "And I'm glad when the monkey gets some help from his friend, the man with the yellow hat!" Seven-year-old Skyler looked at him suspiciously.

"Maybe the books remind me of when I was young," Mr. Ferguson added wistfully. "Back then, I had my whole life ahead of me."