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Suspect List

  • Bill Flowers
  • Jane Neal
  • Jimmy Smith
  • Larry Gerard
  • Paula Newsome


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2010/02/12 Date Published

Who is Telling the Truth?

Written by Tom Fowler

Terry Brennan was enjoying a glass of wine before dinner with his wife of over 30 years, Rochelle. The early June evening was perfect and, as they relaxed on the spacious outside patio deck, he was explaining to her how much he had enjoyed finding several long lost friends on one of the internet’s many social networking sites.

Terry poured another glass of wine. He was in a playful mood. “Well, there is much to tell, but since we are relaxed and in no hurry this evening, allow me to relate some of the emails they have sent me. See if you can figure out which one is telling the whole truth. Four of the five old friends I have mentioned have told me some things that, simply put, cannot be 100% accurate.” There was a twinkle in her husband’s eye. Rochelle knew that whatever Terry was about to say, it would be good. She said, “I’m not certain what you are getting at, but start talking.”