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  • Bosun Ridley
  • Mr Arbuthnot
  • Nehemiah
  • Will


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2008/11/26 Date Published

Violating the Pirate Code

Written by Nicholas Lovell


Captain Robert’s bellow was usually loud enough to be heard in the maintop, even in a three-reef gale. Today, with the Jackdaw becalmed and wallowing in the Atlantic swell, the noise was deafening.

Elijah Fairfax hastened up the companionway to the quarterdeck.


“Someone has broken the Code,” Roberts pointed into the cabin of the recently-captured Jackdaw. “One of those scurvy dogs stole for themselves. Ye know the rules. You steal from one, you steal from all. Root out this vile dog. Root him out, and I’ll make him pay.”