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2008/11/03 Date Published

Uncle Buck Field Trip

Written by Barney Parmington

I woke with a start. I had been calmly sleeping during my yearly Uncle Buck Memorial Day trip to the Baltimore aquarium with my nieces and nephews when I suddenly found myself totally soaked in cold salt water. Everyone around me was laughing hysterically. That is when I realized for the first time that I had obviously fallen asleep during the dolphin show. This was not the world’s brightest idea when your nieces and nephews have decided that all of you need to sit in the splash zone. Somehow the kids had talked me into sitting there today. Who knew that I would have fallen asleep only to have the dolphin send a torrent of water out of the tank with a single flip of its tail fin. (Sure, the kids probably knew, but detective or not, I surely did not know it.) Watching the replay on the big monitor, I had to admit that if it had been anyone other than myself getting soaked that way, I would have thought it was hilarious. Goodness knows that the rest of the audience was certainly getting a great big kick out of it. It had been such a good nap too.