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Suspect List

  • Doc Bentson
  • Ellie Wilson
  • James Gant
  • Judy Gant
  • Waylon Marsh


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2009/01/02 Date Published

The Sunday School Tithe Mystery

Written by Tom Fowler

Juliet, placing her dollar into the envelope first, did not pay strict attention to the others as the envelope made its way around the table. Though, she did notice Doc place a dollar bill into the envelope. She noticed also that James Gant placed a dollar bill plus change into the envelope for his and Judy’s donation. Today’s offering would be $6.00 and push the class balance to almost $100.00

As Juliet emptied the envelope to confirm the morning’s giving, she noticed something odd. The total was $6.10, including five one-dollar bills, four quarters and one dime. At first, she could not figure out why there was an extra dime.