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Suspect List

  • Ernie
  • Gordon
  • Jesse
  • Mac


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2009/04/17 Date Published

The Strangest Sport of All

Written by Moe Zilla

Everyone laughed when they first met Ernie.

He grew up on a farm, and was very friendly. He wore thick, nerdy glasses. And there was some truth to the impression his glassed gave. Reading was the only thing to do in his tiny hometown, and instead of sports in high school, Ernie played chess. He'd also earned college scholarships, and worked hard on his homework.

And Ernie would soon solve a mystery about the strangest sport of all.

Ernie didn't belong in gyms, but there he was, adjusting the weights to their lowest settings and exercising furiously. He seemed excited and determined, which made it difficult to get him to stop and talk, but the gym's manager, Gordon, struck up a conversation. Or at least, he tried to. Ernie wouldn't interrupt his workout for a second, but he handed the manager a flyer that he'd been carrying in his pocket all morning. As soon as he'd read it, Ernie had jogged for two miles, and then headed straight for the gym. In bold letters, the red flier announced: Chess boxing tryouts today.