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Suspect List

  • Mr. Corrigan
  • Mrs. Martin
  • Santa Claus
  • The photographer


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2008/12/01 Date Published

The Silly Santa Mystery

Written by Moe Zilla

"Welcome, kids, to Santa's store! … He's got toys and plenty more!"

"I hate this job," Doug muttered. He was trying desperately to scratch the back of his itchy green elf costume.

"We're supposed to be elves," whispered Jimmie, his best friend, “so try to act cheerful!"

Jimmie smiled as the children formed a line to sit on Santa's lap. With his curly red hair, Doug thought, Jimmie actually looked like an elf. It helped that Jimmie was always smiling. He, it would appear, had a better attitude than Doug.

Their job was to entertain waiting children with smiles and rhymes — but Doug wasn't smiling. His green cap was hot and uncomfortable, and his head was starting to itch, making it difficult to pretend that he was really a cheerful elf.