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Suspect List

  • Dennis Boyles
  • George Boyles
  • John Boyles
  • Patricia (Trish) Boyles Sykes
  • Patrick Boyles


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2009/02/09 Date Published

The Secret in the Old Trunk

Written by Tom Fowler

Less than an hour before Harold died, he said to his children, “They say a candle burns brightest before flickering out. That’s what I’m doing, flickering out. But, before I depart this life, I have something to tell you. I would have told you this long ago, but haven’t been quite able to.” It was the first time in many years the children had experienced their dad’s wry humor—something else to be thankful for on this day. But, he continued, “In the basement of the house there is an old steamer trunk back in the far corner, to the right of the entry way. It’s buried under a mountain of stuff Mom and I collected over the years, but you need to find it. Inside the trunk, there’s some information you need to know.”

Dennis, the oldest of the Boyles children, asked, “What kind of information?”

“Find the trunk and you’ll find out.” Harold refused to talk about it anymore and passed away peacefully a few minutes later.