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Suspect List

  • Casey McCormick
  • Connie McCormick
  • Ellen McCormick
  • Michael McCormick, Jr.
  • The ghost of Mike McCormick, Sr.


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2009/02/06 Date Published

The Restless Ghost

Written by Tom Fowler

Ernestine “Mama” McCormick was one day shy of her 100th birthday. Tomorrow, Michael, Connie and her two grandchildren would celebrate.

But, that was tomorrow. Now, she had other things on her mind. It was a few minutes before midnight and the familiar sounds coming from the downstairs den were especially loud. Ernestine was a strong, spiritual person and she felt the presence of her deceased husband’s spirit within the large house. She was convinced that it was Mike who visited the den every night after she retired to her bed.

Hidden within a false wall in their home were rare and valuable gold coins -- coins that Mike had obtained in Africa shortly after the war. Mike had cherished the coins, and Ernestine sensed, or thought she sensed, that Mike was struggling to obtain them. She feared setting the coins out for him, lest he leave with them and not return. How a ghost would do this, she did not know. But his absence was something she dreaded.