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Suspect List

  • Fingers Ferguson
  • Joe Morgan
  • Manuel Garcia
  • Mr. Bridges


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2009/06/22 Date Published

The Missing Ring

Written by Susanne Shaphren

Moments later, Cameron Carlyle charged back into the office. His face was as red as the rag Joe took out of his overall pocket to wipe peanut butter and jelly off his hands.

"Meghan's ring is missing! I forgot it was in the glove compartment when I dropped off the car this morning."

"I always try to check vehicles for valuables before anybody starts working on them, but we were pretty busy this morning. Let's call the police so they can file a report for your insurance company."

Detective Riley Burke walked into the tiny garage office and smiled when he noticed a familiar smell he remembered from all those years of walking a beat in this neighborhood before earning his gold shield. "You guys obviously celebrated pay day with ribs from Eli's."