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Suspect List

  • Jackie Hadley
  • Lennie Hadley
  • Mike Hadley
  • Sandy Hadley
  • Tommy Hadley


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2008/12/17 Date Published

The Missing Ornament Mystery

Written by Tom Fowler

Christmas Eve in the home of Leonard and Marie Hadley was the highlight of the year for the Hadley grandchildren. Leonard and Marie hosted the family Christmas Eve get together for many years. It pleased them greatly to continue on the tradition with grandchildren now in attendance. Marie always felt that children brought a unique meaning and magic to the Christmas season and she shared their enthusiasm for this very special night.

Perhaps what everyone in the family loved so much about Christmas Eve at Grandmom Marie’s house were her simple decorations. A couple of stockings hung by the fireplace, a few candles arranged on the dining room chest and a small Christmas tree set up on a formal living room desk table included all of Marie’s decorations. It was enough. Good food and family fellowship supplied the largest part of the mood and atmosphere.

On Marie’s small tree was a glassine ornament. This ornament was well over 100 years old and was in the shape of a small house. Marie was a doting, lenient grandmother but she had one hard and fast rule: Look, but do not touch, Granddad Hadley’s antique ornament. Marie placed the glassine figure near the top of the tree so the younger children would not be tempted to touch it.

But, children will be children …