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  • Allison Jordan
  • Heather Guse
  • Janelle Herbst
  • Josh Darvin
  • Justin Paul


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2008/12/22 Date Published

The Missing Communion Set

Written by Tom Fowler

Janice Cummings was excited. As the youth director for a new church in Overland Park, Kansas, she would host the church’s first youth sleep over. The little church had been open for six months, and still, the membership was less than 100.

Though for the first time, Janice felt the church was coming together as a viable congregation. This pleased her, as the Christmas season was less than a month away.

The congregation had purchased an old church building on the outskirts of Overland Park. The building was constructed in the 1930s and very old fashioned by modern standards. An old cemetery behind the churchyard reminded Janice that this institution was from a different time and way of life. The building itself was square-shaped, consisting of the sanctuary with rooms and offices on either side. A small kitchen was tucked away in back of the choir area. And that was it.