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2009/05/11 Date Published

The Late Night Horror Show

Written by Tom Fowler

Jack Snyder had two great loves in his life: 1) old fashioned horror films (which by today’s standards are not horror films at all) and 2) his family. His priorities were not necessarily in this order.

One of the great joys of Jack’s life was to invite one or more of his grandsons to spend Friday or Saturday night at his home. “Granddad Jack” and his grandsons would select a VHS tape or DVD from his extensive library and watch it in the family room after his wife, Candace, went to bed. The boys loved doing this. They felt like adults staying up later than their grandma. Also, Jack always made sure there was popcorn available. Turning off the family room lights and viewing an old black and white film on the big screen television added to the atmosphere.

As Candace’s bedtime approached, Jack went upstairs to turn off his computer, when he noticed his VHS copy of Attack of the 50 Foot Woman was missing from its place on the first row shelf.