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Suspect List

  • Bethany Knight
  • Joe Clark
  • Sherry Fogle
  • Tonya Muse
  • Wayne Clark


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2008/12/02 Date Published

The Dirty Half Dozen

Written by Tom Fowler

“We need your help to pull a prank on Gary.”

“What do you have in mind?” Bethany asked.

“I want to steal his car,” Joe said, a mischievous grin spreading out across his face.

“You want to what?” the other three asked in unison.

“One of us will hotwire his Corvair. It’ll be a gas. We’ll move it a few blocks over and park it on the street somewhere. He’s not going to be able to think about Tonya while he tries to figure out what happened to his car. Trust me, it’ll be good for him.”