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  • Bob
  • Cynthia
  • Diane
  • Kristin


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2008/11/14 Date Published

The Date

Written by Barney Parmington

Boulder, Colorado has some of the most scenic vistas to be found anywhere in America. Mountaintops are everywhere and each one is a sight. Sit at one of the outside tables at Zolos and the view is one of the best in Boulder, which makes it one of the best in the world. It was Saturday February 2, the night before the Super Bowl and I was enjoying one of the best views in Boulder. With my back to the mountains, I was seated across the table from the CFO of Wonder Cream, Cynthia Hogarth. She easily trumped any mountain view in Boulder. Even better, she had a brain and a personality to go with her looks. Best of all, we seemed to be having a good time on our first date. I was going to have to thank my friend for setting us up on this blind date on my visit to Boulder.

In the background I heard the song “some guys have all the luck” and thought to myself “Well Uncle Buck, seems like you finally are having some luck”. That of course was when her cell phone rang. Since it was her corporate cell phone, Cynthia apologized and answered it. I heard her tell someone that she could be there in five minutes. I thought, so much for my having all the luck. I asked her what happened. She said that her CEO had just called and told her that someone had stolen the secret formula for the company’s recently launched product. Her CEO wanted all the key people in the office immediately to try to figure out who could have stolen it.