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  • Journal entry of Edith
  • Journal entry of Leonard
  • Journal entry of Susie
  • Journal entry of Victor
  • Journal entry of Wilbur


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2009/01/28 Date Published

The Cross Homestead Mystery

Written by Tom Fowler

Lauren was aware that what everyone these days referred to simply as “The House” was huge and very impressive. Marge continued, “The House contains 21 rooms. Construction was finished in 1870. The homestead included horse stables, a wash and laundry room and another small building that served as a tool shed. A garden was added for Susie Cross in 1876 and an old style round barn for a few head of cattle Wilbur purchased a couple of years after that. Legend has it that Wilbur had several wagon loads of topsoil brought in for Susie’s garden.” Marge stopped and smiled before adding, “But not all was perfect in paradise. Kansas winds blew the topsoil away and Leonard finally moved the wash room to the barn in 1905. The water pipes leading to the water well leaked ever since the house was constructed and the laundry room had experienced recurring flooding.”

Marge paused. “Would you help me solve a mystery concerning the House?”

Lauren answered, “Sure. What mystery?”