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2008/10/24 Date Published

The Big Game

Written by Barney Parmington

For years since returning to the NFL, the Browns had struggled against all teams. This year was different though as suddenly the Browns were playing well. But in the NFL, when the calendar turns to November, the real football begins. That is crunch time when the winners keep winning and the others start to prepare for next year. For the first time in a long time, on this first weekend in November, the Browns were playing meaningful games. Best of all, I had 50 yard line tickets. I could not wait to get back to Baltimore.

As always, I was taking the redeye and arriving in Baltimore Sunday morning. As we taxied to the gate, I turned on my phone to check for messages. I was just setting my watch ahead two hours when my phone rang telling me I had a message marked urgent. The number was my buddy Mike, the director of security for the Ravens and the guy who got me the great seats for today’s game. Worried that he was going to tell me he could not get the tickets after all, I immediately called him back.

“Buck”, he said, “we have a major problem and I need your help.”