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Suspect List

  • Justin Scott
  • Martin Simmons
  • Stephen Kennelly
  • Trevor Sutherland


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2009/03/30 Date Published

The Backyard Slumber Party

Written by Tom Fowler

Erik’s friends began showing up for the backyard sleepover late in the afternoon. It was spring break and unseasonably warm – perfect weather for spending the night outside.

Martin, Justin, Trevor and Stephen had been Erik’s best friends since grade school. They took turns spending the night in each other’s homes and, during the spring and summer months, would often engage in these all night camp outs. Tonight, the first sleepover of the year would be in Erik Taylor’s backyard.

While Erik’s mother, Jenee Taylor, grilled hamburgers for the boys on the huge commercial grill beneath the covered patio, Erik began to feel nervous. He was hosting tonight’s party, and he would also be the one to solve a mystery perpetrated by his friends. After dark, one of his friends would pull a practical joke on him. Tomorrow morning, he would have to figure out what the joke was and who had been the prankster.