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2010/03/31 Date Published

The April Fool

Written by Barney Parmington

“Barney, you may be wondering why you are in a boxcar on a moving train. This is a payback from everyone in your life on whom you have played April Fool’s jokes over the years. We decided that it was time to play one on you. Here is what is happening. You were placed on a train that left New York City this morning at 3:00 am. The train will arrive at its destination at 10:00 am. You have until that time to determine where you are. There are five choices, with a corresponding phone number programmed into this cell phone. By 10 am, you need to call one of the five listed phone numbers. If you get the right answer and call the right number, the door to the boxcar will automatically open and you can get out. There will be a driver there ready to take you to breakfast and then take you home. However, if you dial the wrong number or if you fail to call a number by 10:00 am, you open the latch on the crate at the other end of the boxcar. In that crate are several skunks. You will then have to spend the rest of the day with the skunks. We have ensured that there are clues that will allow you to solve this mystery if you pay attention. Good luck and APRIL FOOL’s.” With that, Fred hung up.