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Suspect List

  • Allie
  • Danny
  • Diane's campers
  • Tom


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2008/11/28 Date Published

Summer Camp

Written by Barney Parmington

Diane had to hurry if she wanted to catch the sunrise before going to blow revelry over the loudspeakers to awaken the camp. Blasting everyone out of bed each morning was always a pleasure to her, for among other things, she was a prankster who loved playing tricks on people. With a smile on her face she headed out the cabin door.


No need for revelry today. Her scream woke the entire camp. Diane looked around and there was water and ice everywhere. Someone had rigged several large buckets of ice water to dump as soon as she or one of the campers in her cabin walked out the door. Once she got over the shock of being soaked, she laughed, “Does someone want to challenge me to a prank-off!” She would get the upper hand, but first Diane had to figure out who was responsible for the joke. There were only four possibilities. The first being the campers in her cabin. The other three suspects were fellow counselors, occupying the three other cabins.