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Suspect List

  • Christopher
  • Earl
  • Robert
  • Tom


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2008/12/26 Date Published

St. Patrick's Day Pearls

Written by Doug Fellin

Anyway, the thief only took one thing: a string of green pearls that was going on display during our town's St. Patrick's Day celebration. The mayor asked us if we would keep the necklace safe. After all, we had great security for a small store: alarms, cameras, and our night guards, Tom and Earl, and Earl's Jack Russell terrier, Rufus.

My Dad told me the police had narrowed the list of suspects to four people: Tom, Earl, Robert – the armored car driver – and Christopher, the last employee to leave on the night of the robbery. The police questioned all four but couldn't find any evidence to charge any of them with the crime.

It had to be one of them, though, because no one else could get by our security. I mean, there’s only one entry to the store and it had an alarm that would go off if opened.