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  • Cpl. Bennington
  • Scrivine
  • Sgt. O'Hennessey
  • Sgt.Valance


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2008/11/07 Date Published

Space Station Sagittarius Six Suffers Sabotage

Written by Perry McCarney

Lt. Commander Cecelia Holman was jolted awake by the screech of the security siren. She leapt out of her bunk, donned her skinsuit, dashed down the corridor and was in the station security office in 15 minutes flat.

“Report, Sergeant,” she ordered as she slipped into her command chair.

“Ma'am! Engineering reports a security breach in the shield generator compartment. Shield status has gone from standby to inoperative. Fault diagnostics determined the shield structure control unit had failed. Lt. Erikson ordered the spare from stores before heading for the compartment. The Stores computer informs us the spare is no longer in inventory and Lt. Erikson has found that the SSCU hasn't failed, but has been removed, Ma'am. The security alarm was immediately activated and the station military section has been sealed.”

Before Cecilia could respond, the security alarm changed to the deep tones of “Battle Stations” and her console lit with an incoming call from the station's military exec, Captain Phillips. Cecilia keyed acceptance and his craggy face appeared on the screen.

“Commander, we have multiple, unscheduled hyperspace arrivals.