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Suspect List

  • Clem Duster
  • Cliff Snelling
  • David Loftkiss
  • Tom Jenks


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2009/09/11 Date Published

Sky Jack

Written by Laird Long

Sergeant Saunders of Scotland Yard hung up the telephone and turned to his superior who was studying a map of the world tacked to one wall of his office. “No luck finding the money yet, sir,” Saunders reported. “A knapsack full of two-hundred-thousand American dollars is a tricky thing to track down in all that expanse.”

Saunders nodded. “Right, we know he took off from a Long Island airfield after he robbed the Chase Manhattan Bank in New York City, and that he landed on the outskirts of Liverpool fifteen hours later – witnesses identified the plane taking off and landing at those two points. Given the time interval, and an airspeed of 200 miles-per-hour, we know he took the most direct route to get to England, approximately 3,000 miles as the crow, or bandit, flies. It was a one-man flight his fellow countryman, Charles Lindbergh, would’ve been proud of.”