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Suspect List

  • Big George Ratcliffe
  • Chester Morris
  • Joe Franklin
  • Slim Jameson


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2009/12/11 Date Published

Shoot-out at Splithead Canyon

Written by Laird Long

Special Agent-in-charge Sam Connors looked over the four men standing before him in the pouring rain. Their grim faces were lit up by the jagged lightning that streaked through the sullen sky, their bodies trembling with the rolling thunder that shook the earth all around. “We’re going to get Pee Wee Galento for sure this time,” the big FBI man growled. “Dead or alive!”

The men nodded, fedoras dripping. They climbed into the rumbling Ford Model A, Connors behind the wheel and drove off into the storm-wrenched night.

The tip had come from an old prospector who’d been digging for gold up in the mountains: a man was holed up in an abandoned mining shack on the edge of Splithead Canyon. The prospector had identified the man as Pee Wee Galento from the FBI Most Wanted poster he’d been shown.