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Suspect List

  • Atsushi Nishi
  • Gianni Girodano
  • Jack McDonald
  • Jean-Pierre Dubois


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2008/12/23 Date Published

Restaurant Roulette

Written by Stefanina Hill

One night when his little nephew and niece were too excited to sleep, Uncle Robert told them a story about a past adventure he’d encountered on the police force. He hoped that a mystery might tire them out enough to send them off to sleep. And so he gathered the children around the fire and began this story.

“Back when I was a detective I once found myself in a very strange situation. We had arrested a spy in central London and knew that he was on his way to a restaurant where he would be passed a small microchip containing a lot of information via a contact masquerading as a chef.”

“What do you mean, Uncle Robert?” his small nephew, Peter, asked.

“A spy was to receive a special microchip from a chef. … A chef, that is, who was not really a chef.