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Suspect List

  • Dan
  • David
  • Robert
  • Teresa


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2009/05/22 Date Published

Register Robbery

Written by Steve Shrott

Carol Ludlow amazed the hospitality industry when she hired troubled teens to work at her restaurant, Desserts on Me. The restaurant took off and she felt happy that she had improved the lives of these young people.

The kids didn’t always get along, but Carol thought that by showing them encouragement and kindness, she’d be setting a good example. She gave them each specific responsibilities at the restaurant. Dan was in charge of keeping the restaurant exterior clean and presentable. David, who was her newest hire, kept the kitchen clean, washing dishes and putting away supplies. Teresa was a natural when it came to baking, and Carol entrusted her with the recipes for the cakes and pies. Robert had a talent for management, and Carol often left him in charge when she went out to run errands.

One Monday morning, Carol returned from one of those errand runs to find Officer Whitcomb in the dining room of the restaurant, examining her cash register.

“Hello, Miss Ludlow. I’m sorry to spring this on you, but your employee Robert called in a theft. Three hundred dollars is missing from your cash register.”

Carol raised her eyebrows. “Oh, dear!”