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Suspect List

  • Corporal Tom Patrick
  • Pvt. Billy Calhoun
  • Pvt. Jack Trueblood
  • Sgt. Patrick Culpepper


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2009/08/14 Date Published

Mr. Patrick’s History Class

Written by Tom Fowler

Spring term in Gary Patrick’s ninth grade history class was one week away from finals and the beginning of summer vacation. All of his students had worked very hard this year and Gary considered this class the best he had ever had scholastically. That was indeed high praise, as Gary was nearing retirement from a 35-year teaching career.

As final exams in all classes loomed near, Gary’s students were becoming increasingly stressed and tension filled the air. Today, Gary decided to tell them a Patrick Family story, one he had never shared with anybody outside of his immediate family. He wanted to do this for two reasons: his students deserved a reward for a good school year plus he wanted them to relax for a little while and relish an interesting story.