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Suspect List

  • Abe
  • Lance
  • The Amazing Andrew
  • Zora the Magnificent


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2009/09/14 Date Published

It's Gone

Written by Steve Shrott

Officer Jerry Davidson of the Las Vegas Police Force entered “Abe’s Novelties.” Surrounding him were all kinds of magical apparatus. He noticed a gray-haired man behind the counter. “You’re Abe Walters?”

“Yes,” said Abe. “Thank goodness, you’re here. I’ve been robbed.”

“Tell me what happened,” said the officer.

Abe took a deep breath. “Well, last night, I put on a show here and performed my Vanishing Orange Trick.”

The officer stared. “Vanishing Orange Trick?”

“Yes. Someone signs their name on an orange and then drops it into a paper bag. I say, Abracadabra and it’s gone. Then I produce it from my pocket. Last night, someone stole the trick.”