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  • Carm
  • Diane
  • Jen
  • Maureen


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2008/11/05 Date Published

Green Feet

Written by Barney Parmington

Margie found herself sitting on a couch all alone in her darkened living room. She knew that she was a snooze hound who had a habit of falling asleep at the drop of the hat. Still, falling asleep in the middle of her own baby shower was probably a little over the top. Since she was alone, maybe the baby shower was just a dream. She really hoped that was the case. Finally, realizing that it was her phone ringing that woke her up, Margie reached over and answered.

“Hey sleepyhead.” It was her best friend Diane. “We got tired of waiting for you to wake up after you fell asleep. When you did not wake up fairly quickly, almost everyone just left. Some of us decided to stay and clean up. We had hoped you would wake up and open the present that the four of us got you. However, we finally got tired of waiting and moved the party to our favorite hangout, Yours Truly. We have your present here, so hurry down and meet us.” With that, Diane hung up.

Parking nearby, Margie shuffled towards the restaurant. As she approached the restaurant, a young boy held the door open for her and said “Green”. She had no idea what he meant. Two other patrons were in front of her. They both turned, looked at her and said “Green” as well. Margie was going to ask them what they meant when the waitress seated them. She saw her friends in the back and headed to meet them. Several more people she passed all said the same thing: “Green”.