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Suspect List

  • James Faust
  • Justin Thorn
  • Lincoln Smith
  • Linda Hinton


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2008/11/18 Date Published

FInding the Flower Fund

Written by Tom Fowler

“Nan, it’s security. Can you have your employee return our Windex, paper towels, broom … and whatever else he took? He was down here all day Friday borrowing the kitchen sink!”

“Who are we talking about here?”

“I don’t know his name. … The guy with the long hair.”

“Yup. OK. No problem,” she snorted, and hung up abruptly. She had more important things on her mind. Focusing again on the flower fund (an important thing), Nan picked up the receiver, and called security back, “I’m going to need access to my group’s phone records on Friday. I’ll also need the first floor security tapes.”