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Suspect List

  • Corporal Wardlow Horner
  • Private Jamie Whisenant
  • Sergeant Coleman Crosby
  • Sergeant Josiah Thornton


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2008/10/14 Date Published

Death at Andersonville

Written by Tom Fowler

Andersonville Military Prison, deep in the heart of Dixieland Georgia, was the most dreaded of Confederate prisoner-of-war camps. It was such a grim place that the rebel soldiers guarding it were fed and clothed little better than their 33,000 Yankee prisoners. From its inception in February 1864, until the Civil War’s end 14 months later, 13,000 prisoners would die; an astonishing 29% mortality rate. Many of the Union soldiers succumbed to starvation and exposure to the elements, but some were also murdered, as was the case with Private Glendenning Bryan.