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Suspect List

  • Little black-haired girl
  • Redheaded woman
  • Stocky blonde man
  • Tall bald man


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2009/09/04 Date Published

Canada Day

Written by Laird Long

Glen pushed back the floppy brim of his Tilley hat and mopped his forehead, promising himself a hot dog and cold soda for lunch with the money he’d found. He was up by the entrance to the beach, and as he bent his head and machine back down, he noticed a plastic bag sticking out of the sand about ten feet to his left.

Often his bespectacled eyes were just as adept as his metal-detecting machine at finding treasure, and such was the case here. Because as Glen bent down and pulled the sealed plastic sandwich bag out of the sand, he saw that it contained money – lots of it, in bills and coins. He grinned, eyes lighting up like a slot machine that’s hit Jackpot!