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2008/11/11 Date Published

Battle of the Bulge

Written by Matthew Lieff

Private Johnson, the captain's driver, squinted through the fog. "If you say so, sir. I don't remember exactly which way it pointed before."

"Well, I do," said the captain. "When we were here three hours ago, it said: turn north for Malmedy and south for Bastogne. Now it says south for Malmedy and north for Bastogne. Pull over and help me turn it back."

The turned-around signpost meant an enemy spy had been there. German agents in American uniforms were driving captured jeeps behind the American lines, causing havoc and confusion wherever they went. They had all spent time in America as children, so they spoke fluent English with no foreign accent. Turning signs the wrong way was one of their favorite tricks.

Back in the jeep, the captain said: "Let's get back to headquarters now. There's a German spy in the area!"