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Suspect List

  • Captain Kildare
  • Latrisha Lanigan
  • Mark Colson
  • Marvin Fishback


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2009/09/25 Date Published

All Washed Up

Written by Laird Long

“That is exactly the wrong course of action, sir. I know these waters and these currents. To try to row to safety in the lifeboat would be an exercise in futility – quite possibly, suicidal.”

“Yeah, you know these waters and these currents so well. Then what are we doing marooned on this desert island, Captain?”

Kildare took a swing at Jim Jensen. The younger man nimbly ducked, then pushed the Captain down into the sand. “You’re the one who got us into this mess, old man,” he sneered. “And I’m the man to get us out of it. Who’s with me?”