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Suspect List

  • Amy Golden
  • Frankie Cole
  • Jeremy Steele
  • Lionel Jacobs
  • Susan Barker


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2008/11/21 Date Published

A Porsche of Course

Written by Randy Godwin

When Martin Caldwell got to his office on Monday morning, he felt as if he had just left minutes ago. Being a city detective called for long and sometimes boring investigations that often led nowhere. He had only had four hours of sleep and when he looked in the mirror in the men's room, he could tell it.

With the bags under his eyes along with the weight he had gained he looked like a basset hound. What hair he had left was sprinkled with gray and his blue eyes were so red that they looked like a Florida road map. Along with his rumpled suit he had spilled coffee and mustard on his white shirt, but he couldn't seem to make himself care. "Maybe nothing will happen today and I can steal a short nap,” he thought.

He had closed the door and settled back in his chair with his feet on the desk when the phone began ringing. He let it trill on a few times hoping it would stop, but knowing it wouldn't. "Detective Caldwell, I'm glad you finally made it to work this morning, and just in time too, there's been a bank robbery" the deep voice said.