How do you play?

Step 1 - Find the clues

Find the clues

Read each mystery carefully and select the clues that lead to the suspect.

Step 2 - Identify a suspect

Identify a solution

Once you've found all the clues, select the answer from the list of possibilities.

Step 3 - Solve the case!

Solve the case!

Submit your clues and solution to earn points. The more difficult the case, the more points are possible.

Top Sleuths

Rank 1 Carl2492
296 points / 40% solve rate
Rank 2 Hwol
255 points / 66% solve rate
Rank 3 Shazsmith
207 points / 63% solve rate

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The Missing Briefcase
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The Cross Homestead Mystery
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The Cornfield Caper
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